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Blessings Box

The Little Free Pantry, affectionately known as the Blessing Box, is a community-driven initiative aimed at providing essential resources to those in need. It stands as a symbol of compassion and solidarity, offering individuals facing hardship the opportunity to access necessities with dignity and without judgment. Through collaborative efforts and ongoing support, the Little Free Pantry fosters a spirit of generosity and care within the community, exemplifying the power of collective goodwill to uplift and support those most vulnerable.

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What is the Blessing Box?

The Confirmation Class of 2020 collaborated with Gary Whitley to conceive, construct, and install our latest initiative, the Little Free Pantry, alternatively referred to as a blessings box. This endeavor serves as an avenue to support individuals in need within the Rock Hill Community.


How Does it Work?

Well its just like your pantry at home, if you need something out of it, you should be able to walk up and take it,  no questions asked. We are taught that God's love is unearned, and unconditional, so in that spirit, anyone in need is welcome to come take what they need from the Pantry.  We will try to restock it as often as possible and need your help to support this ministry!


What Should I Bring?

Outlined below is a suggestive list of pantry items. While comprehensive, it remains open to additional contributions deemed suitable for inclusion, provided they are shelf-stable and require minimal or no preparation.

  • Canned Vegetables, Fruit, Beans, or Legumes with pop-tab openings (eliminating the need for a can opener)

  • Canned Prepared Meals (e.g., SpaghettiO's, Chef Boyardee, etc.)

  • Fruit Cups

  • Single-serve packages of nuts, chips, trail mix

  • Takeout packages of utensils


Thank You!

thank you to Sinclair Financial Group for supporting this ministry


Official Sponsor

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