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Our Little Free Pantry is Up and Running!

Little Free Market.HEIC

What is the Little Free Pantry?

Our Confirmation Class of 2020 worked with Gary Whitley to build, paint and install our newest program, the Little Free Pantry. Also known as a blessings box, the Pantry is a great way to serve those in need here in  the Rock Hill Community. 

How Does it Work?

Well its just like your pantry at home, if you need something out of it, you should be able to walk up and take it,  no questions asked. We are taught that God's love is unearned, and unconditional, so in that spirit, anyone in need is welcome to come take what they need from the Pantry.  We will try to restock it as often as possible and need your help to support this ministry!

How Can I Help?

This is not simply a project of the Confirmation Class, but rather it is a ministry of Woodland United Methodist, so anyone and everyone is welcome to help! We encourage you to look at the list below of suggested pantry items, and then purchase new items for the pantry. Once you are ready, you can simply pull up to the pantry, located on the Evergreen Circle side of the church, and put the items into the pantry. If you don't feel comfortable doing so, or the pantry is full, please bring them inside for to the designated bin in the Traffic Jam Area. And should you feel so led to make a monetary gift towards the Pantry, we would be happy to buy the things most in need currently for the pantry!

What Should I Bring

Below is a list of suggested items for the pantry, but it is not exhaustive, if you find something that you feel would be good to include in the pantry, is shelf stable and requires minimal or any prep, please feel free to include it. 

  • Canned Vegetables, Fruit, Beans or Legumes with a pop tab(does not require a can opener)

  • Canned Prepared meals(ie SpaghettiO's, chef boyardee, etc)

  • Fruit Cups

  • Single Serve packages of  nuts, chips, trail mix,   

  • Takeout packages of utensils 

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