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Wednesday, December 20 - Rules

Read Malachi 3:16-4:6

Malachi is such a powerful book in the bible. As the last piece of the Old Testament, it really sets the stage for what is to come. When you boil down this passage you get a simple understanding. "God will return, and when he does, he will judge the wicked and reward his righteous people." The righteous, those that obey his laws will be rewarded beyond belief. This passage is a great message of hope, that if we lead blessed and holy lives we too will live in the promised land. All others will be judged and left with nothing. The best part for me is this followed a larger conversation where God and Israel are discussing how Israel has fallen away from the Lord and broken all covenants that had been set in place. Yet, with everything that Israel had done, there was hope and redemption by following the laws and fearing and loving God. We have all fallen and faltered. Most of us have sinned and will sin again. Me must strive to live by the rules set out for us. God wants us to be there as his righteous children. Will you strive to keep his commandments and obey God's rules? Will we see each other at the buffet in heaven? Let us try our best.

Oh Great Creator, you breathed life into the Earth and created your children who disobeyed you. You gave us rules, to do your bidding and we break them. You make promises and deals with us and still we don't hold up our bargain and yet you still give us ways to be closer to you. Guide us, Oh Lord, that we may continue to live the way you see as righteous and good. Guide us as a parent guides a child and teach us how to enter your kingdom with you. Amen.

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