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Wednesday, December 13 - Patients with God

Read Luke 1:5-17

In Luke chapter 1:5-17, we hear how the parents of John the Baptist receive the news of his birth. This scripture illustrates how we should be patient and trust God's plan and timing. When we pray for things, God doesn't always give us what we want based on our own timeline. We must be patient and trust in God and God's timing. Zechariah and Elizabeth were very old when the angel of the Lord told them they would become parents. Their prayers had finally been answered! This scripture shows us that we need to have faith and trust in God.

God will give us what we need when the time is right! We just need to patient and await God's schedule!

Dear God, We thank you for all our many blessings. We ask Yu to grant us patience when we become restless; grant us faith when we start to doubt. These things we ask in your name, Amen.

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