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Tuesday, December 5 - Divine Restoration

Read Micah 4:6-13

"On that day, says theLORD,

I will assemble the lame

and gather those who have been driven away

and those whom I have afflicted.

The lame I will make the remnant,

and those who were cast off,

a strong nation, and theLord reign over them in Mount Zion

now and forevermore.

This passage reveals God's plan for the restoration of his chosen people. He promises to gather his people those afflicted, cast off and driven into exile and make them a strong nation. The "Good Shepherd King" will rule over them and they will be fruitful and multiply. This is a message of HOPE. They will not always be lost and alone. Their covenant God will restore then and they will be his people, he will change them and reign over them in triumph.

As trials come and troubles plague us we need to stop and remember this promise of restoration from our covenant God. We too can have HOPE for our future as his chosen people. HOPE comes to us in the birth of the Messiah, Savior of the world.

Covenant God, help us never to forget the promises you have made to us, hope for a future and a plan for our restoration. Let this hope change us and make us stronger. Amen

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