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Sunday, December 3 - First Sunday of Advent

Read Isaiah 64:1-9

In today's passage the Prophet speaks of wanting the Lord to come down and make his presence known. That the people had sinned tremendously as they were left to their own devices, and many were not taught His laws and ways. The Prophet, knowing that when that day comes, would be a day of great wrath still beseeches The Lord to not just remember that sin and the bad. He asks to remember that we are His instruments and his people, and to mold and lead in a better direction than they had been traveling which was far away from Him.

It's funny how as we get older one would think we get wiser and more courageous. I find in my life that the older I get the more I yearn for the easier times when I lived under my parents' rule. Though, during that time of my life I believed like so many other people that the rules were too harsh, or not fair. Many times, I just believed that I knew better and that when I was on my own, I would have all the answers and none of the frivolous consequences. But the worst is when you are left to your own devices. As I was starting to become an adult, I noticed a shift in my parents' behavior. They would stand back more and not be as quick to punish for things if punish at all. This caused a lot of turmoil and unbalance in me as I could not understand the motivation. Was there going to be a larger punishment once a quantity of infractions occurred, or did they simply not care. This caused me to make some large mistakes and me to have to suffer the consequences, not by their hand or doing but the world's. At times I believed that I was on my own and that was a very lonely thought. So, I made excuses to go home. Knowing that there would be unpleasant conversations and sometimes yelling about my actions. Over time I grew to find comfort in those conversations, knowing that they wouldn't always be pleasant. I know that those judgements and punishments were delivered out of the love of a parent wanting you to succeed and to grow, even to this day.

Father God, we come to you as children who have strayed and broken your rules. You set out the ways which we are to follow to lead the life you planned for us. We confess we at times go our own way and diverge from the path you set, which leads straight to you. Lord, see our flaws and our mistakes and forgive us and we strive to lead the life which you want for us. Amen

Greg Watson

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Alec Surrett
Alec Surrett
Nov 30, 2023

Great job Greg!

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