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Sunday, December 24 - Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve

Read Isaiah 9:2-7

I am a huge Sci fi fan. If it has space and science, I will watch it! In the sci fi world there are always battles with in the fandoms and the biggest being Star Wars vs Star Trek. That other hand is based in science, logic, the scientific method and meeting new people. Today, we are going to discuss Star Wars. As I said above, Star Wars is all about "The Force". The force within us all and we have the power to harness it for good or for evil, and certain people can manipulate that force and use it with others and teach others how to harness it. balance to the force and prophesies of "One" who would bring balance to the force, which is too heavy on the dark side. There are many that come along, that were hoped to be that balance but fail until one does. Now in Star Wars this is up for debate but knowing that superior being was coming gave hope to many. Our scripture reading prophesizes the coming of the One whom we know is Jesus. His coming as foretold would be the one who would make all the fighting and sacrifice worth it. The one who would relieve the children of Israel of the burdens and bring peace everlasting. Are you fighting a force within yourself and which side is winning? The dark side can be powerful and promises all sorts of things... even cookies. But Jesus came to bring back the light in our world and drive out the darkness in our souls. He is our balance, he is the way, he is the force. How will you help bring balance to the world? How do you see the battle of Good and Evil in the world? May the force be with you!

Father, it is Christmas Eve! The day we remember the birth of your son whom you sent to us to live and to die. Let us remember his teachings and his life. From his birth in a stable to his death on the cross. Strengthen our hearts and our souls, that we may use them to spread your love to all we encounter. Thank you, father, for all you are and all you make us. In Jesus' name we pray, AMEN!

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