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Saturday, December 16 - Wrestling with God

Read Habakkuk 3:13-19

Have you ever had those moments where you are wrestling with God? Now maybe not literally like Jacob did, but wrestling with the notion that God would let bad things happen like sickness and violence. You may be going through a time of personal struggle or know people who are that you care deeply for. It is only natural that you would feel upset and confused.

Habakkuk was also having a struggle with God. Seeing what was to come and the struggles that Israel would face, he argued with God and begged for answers. In his time, he was seeing that the Babylonians would rule and have power over the Jewish people who by all account were morally superior to that of their soon to be masters. But through the cries for understanding and the pleading for God to hear him, God answered. This passage is Habakkuk's response where he is praising God with full understanding that Israel will watch God lead them out of the hands of oppression. God will defat those that stand against them and that there will be times where the world will stand still, and all seems lost, God will be there on the other side pulling them through. That other side there will be peace and rejoicing and light. I know I struggle with this. It is easy to worship the Lord when things are going well. It is equally easy to fight with or even blame God when things are not so well, forgetting that we are told many times throughout the Bible that times will not always be easy. God allows us to be tested and at times is the one doing the testing, but we need to remember that throughout all our trials, God puts rewards on the other side. How will you remember the goodness and greatness that is our God when times are hard? Will you pray and beg for answers, or will you wrestle with him like Jacob and break your knee?

Heavenly Father, though your miracles are limitless, we are not worthy of all the wonders and riches you bestow upon us. Help us to remember that even in the dark, your light will shine. Even when we are hurting, you will ease our pain. Even when we are lost, you will guide the way home. Give use the strength to praise you when we are low, so that we may rise above the carry us ever closer to you. In your holy and wonderful name, we pray, Amen.

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