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Monday December 4 - Music in Faith

Read Psalm 70

I love music. I listen to every style there is it seems and find that I can connect with most all the types out there, from Motown to Broadway, Country to Rap, English to... well you get the point. My favorite type of song is that which takes me on a journey or has a great message.

In the early 2000's I was turned onto a performer by the name of Mark Schultz by my dear friend Cassie, and one of my favorite songs by him is "I Have Been There." The song is about people who are facing the darkest times in their lives: one whose partner just passed after 60 years together; a pastor who can't see the best direction to lead their flock; even new parents who have no money and are unsure how to raise a child. The chorus is God speaking back to his children saying, "I have been there, and I will build a bridge to bring you home." That song always gives me hope.

As someone who has struggled with suicidal thoughts and attempts, I know first-hand that we all go through deep valleys and plead for God's hand or his mercy. When I was a little kid, I had to be put on a psych hold because I told people at school that I was going to kill myself. This was all because of being bullied by kids constantly. So, I can relate to Psalm 79 where these people were calling out for help from God as their entire world was under attack.

Jerusalem was being destroyed, the children of Israel being attacked and left for dead for the buzzards to scavenge and they couldn't see a way out on their own. I have been in that darkness in my own way, but for me I can always turn to music and find those little messages that pull me back on the foot path out of the valley. I believe that God makes us struggle in order to build us up stronger. Whether those struggles are a result of falling away from the path that he laid out, or part of a bigger plan to use us to help others. Either way what I have learned is that there will be light after the dark and as a wise woman tells me all the time, "This too shall pass."

Father God! Please keep your eye on us in out times we are triumphant, and in the tiems we are at our lowest. It is in your power, grace, and mercy that we find the strength and wisdom to see out your light. Amen

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