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Monday, December 11 - Isaiah's Prophetic Call: A Timeless Message of Praise, Wisdom, and Grace for T

Read Isaiah 26:7-15

This passage from Isaiah is a hugely powerful message of praise. He lays out how God will continue to give grace and wisdom to the Israelites creating a stronger nation, while punishing the wicked that continue to sin despite the good and Godly examples all around them. In many ways this is still the same prayer and praise we look for today. We know that through our connection to God that we will become great and wise if we follow his laws and his teachings. From the resolute laws given to us by Moses, to the teachings of love and morality from Jesus. While Isaiah was looking ahead and prophesizing on what would take place with the exile to Babylon and the events that would follow, this is a great and simple example that we should be the messengers out into the world showing wisdom and grace. Helping to show those that are sinning and doing evil, the error of their ways. How will you help to enlarge the nation and the kingdom of God? How will you be the light in a world that sometimes feels like it is filled with darkness?

Almighty God, You, who makes all things truly wonderful. The maker of all we see and hear.

Help us to receive your wisdom and grace and make us beacons of hope and light. So that with that light we may shine through your world, giving a path to those who are lost back to you.

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