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Friday, December 8 - Called by God

Read Jeremiah 1:4-10

Jeremiah was called by God to be His voice to the people of Israel. And, like Moses hundreds of years earlier, Jeremiah was reluctant to take on this calling. He felt incapable of doing what needed to be done. We often feel the same as Jeremiah and Moses, inadequate to do what is needed or what we are called to do. God reassured both of them that He would be with them in all things. And we know what great things they were able to do for God. God has also given us His promise that He is with us in all things, through the Holy Spirit that dwells within each of us. Take some time to be quiet and listen within yourself to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

What is He calling you to do to help Him transform this world?

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for the gifts of your Son and Holy Spirit. Remind us of Your presence in our lives so that we will be willing to respond "Yes" to your call to make this world a better place than it is. Amen

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